After I played play-to-earn games like axie infinity, thetan arena, plantvsundead, and other NFT game for 1 year, I can learn so much about NFT games trends and behavior. 

The first thing that what i learn is NFT Play to earn games can have peak charts token price. I am gonna take the example of Axie infinity SLP chart, Plant Vs Undead Chart, and Thetan Chart. All of this coin is given if you play and win the game.

SLP Chart - AXie Infinity

THG Chart - Tethan Arena

PVU chart - Plant Versus Undead

All of the charts have a similar pattern, After its peak, it's really hard to get to the top again or to new ATH (At the High Price) again. In the beginning, more players will give you a huge token price gain for a couple of weeks, or even a month, but after that, the economy will collapse, which means more players will make the token price go down. The very important number is 3 million when the game has 3 million player you should be careful and make your decision, do you want to stay or not, I think after 3 million player the game could have a significant drop after the great bull.   Even if the developer keeps trying to develop the game, make new features, make new play games, and make better games it could not turn back the table.

But between that 3 examples, i found that some of the players keep play and the game and keep join the game community, and keep promoting the game like axie infinity influencer, i think it's one of strong NFT game communities that I found on the internet, even the game economy collapse they keep stay and support axie, and sometimes twitter call the Axie Maxie ( Axie Maximalist) term for group of people who believe axie infinity is going to change the world someday. I respect these people because their dedication is so strong, either they have stuck investment in axie infinity or maybe they already take profit from axie infinity and they want to pay back. But for other game like plantvsundead and thetan arena i don't see any strong community that still support this game. 

And we can learn so much from axle infinity, about how it grows, how to make a strong community and other things. 

If you want to get profit from NFT games, you need to know when is the peak, when the game peak you must decide what to do with your asset either sell them or hold them, if you can predict well you will get a huge amount of money from your initial investment. But if you are a long-term holder you need to join the community and keep updated about the game development even become a maximalist of the game because your asset is inside the game. 

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