I think this is the science that every marketer do on the Internet
, self buying means directing your client to find information about the product to buy and then decide to buy it without any intervention from the seller.

It may be referred to as funnel marketing where your customer gets information about a product on a website page that will direct to buy it. But I say this is a little different because Internet customers today love to look for their products — look for yourself reviews and as his.

Then what should we do as a seller of online products? The first thing you have to do is that you have to correctly write information about your product or product description with details and benefits — profit when buying your product. The story is significant and has a substantial impact on customers on the Internet, clarity of information, and works to improve the customer's decision to buy your product is very important.

Second, you have to make sure that your product review on the Internet is useful. If there is no review, you should make it either create your review or help from others. This review is usually found in a column in an e-commerce portal. In Indonesia, for example, tokopedia, bukalapak, or on its website should also have a review. Suppose you find a review of your product is not right on the Internet. In that case, you can refute it or explain it to the negative reviewer until your explanation makes sense and does not damage your product's reputation.

Third, Upload on youtube. If there is already someone else who reviewed and uploaded it on your youtube, then it will be right for you, as long as the product in the review was given a good impression than it's negative.
 Remember, there is no perfect product, but how the product can still provide solutions for your customers.

Remember that customers will decide to buy your product on the Internet, and generally, customers will see looking for information about your product before buying it. That's why this "self-buying" needs to be applied to each product or service offered via the Internet.

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